Our Mission

“It is for freedom Christ set us free. So do not resubmit to the yoke of slavery” Galatians 5:1
The life of an addict is simply put — messy. The Bridge House offers hope, a safe haven to rebuild a new and sober life. Incorporated in 1984, New England Aftercare Ministries, Inc., opened the Bridge House in 1987 to help men (18 and over) recover from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.
The only real requirement for acceptance to The Bridge House is a minimum of 30 days of varifiable sobriety from drug and alcohol abuse, coupled with a true and sincere desire and commitment to stay sober and free.


Our program is faith-based. We openly discuss spirituality in daily 12-step devotional meetings. We respect all faiths as well as those who come into our program without faith. But we believe success (true and lasting freedom) is found through the Salvation message of Jesus Christ. So while we don’t proselytize  men in our program are exposed to this message.Licensed as a Recovery Home by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we receive a portion of our funding through the Commonwealth Dept. of Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse. The rest of the funds come from our Church partners, private patrons, grantors and the fees charged once residents find and maintain employemnt or have another source of income such as social security.The Mission of New England Aftercare Ministries: is to reconcile individuals to God and society.

The Mission of the Bridge House Program is to: Provide a faith-based recovery home for men with substance abuse problems. Our program provides individual treatment planning, along with counseling to support the spiritual, physical, social and intellectual health of each individual in recovery



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