Despite secularization, Can Christian Values Help?

While the USA is the number one Christian nation on earth (with 85% identifying with one denomination or another), sadly we also have the highest incarceration rate on earth, as we currently jail 5 percent of our population. Nationally we have 500 per 100,000 in jail and in Massachusetts we have 213 per 100,000 behind bars.

Despite secularization, Christian values of mercy and justice are cornerstones of our penal system.  To the degree that few men who complete their court ordered sentence chose reentry programs over the street, our program serves as a compliment to the parole system. Where parole may be contingent upon the successful completion of a reentry program like ours and where the safest course of reentry for all concerned is a managed reentry that includes support services.

As one of the only reentry programs in the state willing to take those previously serving life sentences, we meet a special niche that comes with the risks of dealing with men with violent history. If we believe justice has been served in the sentence served, then when the man enters our program justice finds mercy.


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